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Let Your Pencils Do More of the Work, With These 3 Advanced Pencil Strokes
When you put color onto paper with colored pencil, the color stays exactly where you put it. No easy washing. No easy blending. Creating detail requires time AND patience. Of course, there are certain methods for putting color onto paper in more productive ways. That begins with the basic pencil strokes, but it doesn't end there.
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8 Must-read Art Blogs for 2008 - a Few of the Best Art Blogs Online
Internet junkie that I am, I tend to read a lot of art blogs. I've found many good art blogs and some great art blogs-but for this particular list, I wanted to pick the cream of the crop: the very best art blogs online. My criteria?
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Learn to Draw the Human Body with this FREE Figure Drawing E-Guide
Sitting down and drawing a live model is usually either one of the most frustrating, or one of the most amazing experiences you'll ever have as an artist. If you're a new artist, the human body may seem incomparably complex, an overload of information.
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